A Snowy Breakfast


The first in my “Breakfast Buffet” series and the most popular! As morning rises, a hungry field mouse has crawled out for breakfast from his burrow under this abandoned 1940 Indian Scout. However, in a moment the Snow Owl, who has been waiting all night on the fence post will have his… ( The Buffet is Open! )


Care of Your Prints:
It is still wise not to expose your prints to direct sunlight as UV rays are very powerful. Temperature fluctuations can also be damaging to the canvas.

Giclee canvas prints in limited editions of 250 – available worldwide



A Giclée (pronounced zhee-clay) print, is the highest quality, most accurate colour correct print available in today's market and cannot be duplicated by any other printing technique! The inks used are fade-resistant for 100 years to ensure the museum quality of these prints last.

Edition numbers are assigned as orders are received and prices will increase as availability decreases. Buy what you like and buy it early!